The Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain

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Ayurveda has helped prevent several kinds of body aches and illnesses. Unlike western medicine, Ayurveda focuses on a holistic healing system. This 5000-year-old medicinal practice focuses on maintaining overall health and preventing chances of sickness or pain. Ayurveda has an in-depth philosophy ensuring the human body is well-maintained and taken care of. This ancient practice believes that the mind, body and soul work together. The treatments and medicine focus on uplifting all three elements to raise the quality of health and quality of life.

Back pain is a regular discomfort faced by a significant number of people. At one point in time, people were likely to experience back pain as they get older. Now it is a common experience for people of all ages. The modern lifestyle involves extensive hours of sitting in one place, which could massively contribute to pain in the lower back area. Prolonged hours of lying down and sleeping in an uncomfortable position add to the discomfort. People who lift weights excessively and children who wear poorly fitting backpacks to school are also susceptible to back pain. Since it affects almost everyone, what can we do to relieve the pain?

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Kati Vasthi is a therapy specially curated to relieve lower back pain. The patient is made to lie down on their stomach while the staff creates a rim on the person’s lower back using a thick dough prepared from black gram paste. Warm herbal oils are poured into this mini reservoir and kept as such for the required duration. These formulated oils relieve the nerves from stress and numbness, making this treatment an ideal solution for back pain. Ayurvedic treatment ensures that the body is healed through organic processes and is safe for the body and mind. The therapy also gives you a tranquil atmosphere to calm your mind from any anxieties or tension that you may have. Once the oils have permeated into the skin and reached the tissues, the process is complete.

The Kathi Vasthi treatment is incredibly beneficial for the body. Not only does it heal and nourish the muscles and tissues, it also lubricates the joints for efficient movement. This treatment has positive effects on people with joint pain. Ayurvedic treatment might be the last thing on the modern individual’s mind as we tend to be biased towards the internationally accepted medicinal system. We urge you to try our ayurvedic treatment and experience the positive feeling of healing and replenishment. Kati Vasthi is the best ayurvedic treatment for back pain that effectively cures the cause without any side effects. Avail this treatment for a strengthened spine, healed muscles and lubricated joints. Just like any other ayurvedic process, Kati Vasthi helps you understand and reconnect with your body in a mutually beneficial way.

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Suryavilas Luxury Resort and Spa offers an incredible Kati Vasthi treatment for all your back pain-related issues, whether it be a muscle ache or a constant stabbing sensation in the lower back. We strongly recommend our treatment for people suffering from Lumbar Spondylosis, Sciatica, Osteoporosis and other such medical conditions. Our carefully curated wellness offering is guaranteed to bring you better health and contentment.

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