Benefits of Yoga in Mountains

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Yoga is more than just stretching and burning calories. The concept is more complicated than that. Yoga focuses on maintaining conformity between the body and the mind. The ancient scriptures mention performing yoga leads to the marriage of consciousness between an individual and the universe.

Yoga is split into two parts - Pranayama and Asanas. Pranayama includes breathing exercises to keep your organs healthy. Asanas are physical exercises to aid your muscles to stay flexible and increase bone density.

Yoga emphasises letting go and being fully present in your emotions and moment. When performing yoga in a vast, pristine backdrop of the mountains, a state of equilibrium is easier to attain.

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The Himalayan region is covered in lush trees and snow-capped mountains. The air is plentiful with higher oxygen concentration, helping our body and mind to be purified and revitalised. The tranquillity of this area makes it the ideal location for meditation, with scenic views and no distractions.

The Himalayan range always played a prominent role in Hinduism. Adi Yogi Mahadev is said to meditate in the Kailash region for eternity. Many saints and yogis practice deep meditation in these regions to achieve salvation.

In the Himalayan region, yogis have been practising yoga since antiquity. This region is known for its ability to help reach salvation. Yoga in the mountains offers the cleanest air and serenity required to focus your mind. A far cry away from the noise and distractions in the city. Tranquillity amongst the mountains can help connect one with the innermost feelings and attain a sense of calm.

Performing yoga in Himalayas has positive effects from a physical point of view - particularly on the heart and body. The altitude with rich oxygen helps the body gain more energy when performing asanas and pranayamas, stimulating the cardiovascular system. From a spiritual standpoint, your focus will be sharp when you aren’t distracted by the noise and interruptions you find in the city.

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The Himalayan region is becoming a hub for yoga retreats, and several retreats, resorts and centres offer yoga services in the mountains. People from across the globe come here to revive their bodies and souls by practising yoga in the Himalayan mountain range.

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