Wellness & Spa in Solan

| Samadosa samagni ca sama dhatu malakriyah
Prasanna atma indriya manah svastha iti abhidhivate |

Wellness Offerings

Suryavilas, a spa resort in Solan offers a flexible blend of integrated Ayurvedam & Functional Wellness Programs.

The 5000 years old rich wisdom of Ayurveda in its reliable, authentic form are perfectly curated for preventive or therapeutic treatments from as ordinary as routine monthly skincare during a 3 Nights Weekend Stay, to remedial pain management of joints or Back Pain utilizing our speciality treatment packages. We provide a wide range of some of the best wellness programs in Himachal Pradesh. 

Guests can also experience India’s largest bioregulatory, integrative and functional medicines for Gut Health, Illness Reversals, Stress & Anxiety Disorders etc at Suryavilas, one of the most renowned wellness centres in Himachal Pradesh. Choose from a wide range of technology backed state-of-art wellness programs headed by an in-house panel of professional doctors, nutritions, naturopaths and specialists, all seamlessly integrating with the joy and comfort of your holidaying at Suryavilas.

Spa Offerings

Refresh, rejuvenate and replenish at our wellness spa resort near Delhi in Solan. Plan a relaxing day out, away from the chaotic world and rejoice in tranquility. The spa is situated against the serene backdrop of majestic mountains, gracing you with the ideal setting to unwind and relax. Our spa in Kasauli extracts the richness of the pristine ocean to bestow you with health benefits and overall well-being.

Our team of professionals deliver a wide range of treatments and therapies at this spa resort near Shimla.
  • Massages and massage packages
  • Face treatments
  • Mini beauty treatments, jacuzzi, sauna, manicure and pedicure, foot etc
  • Hair treatments and waxing
  • Body treatment and wraps
  • Holistic rituals and programmes

Heal with Ayurveda

abhyanga snana - spa in solan - Suryavilas Luxury Resort and Spa



The Marqui of all massages


A totally relaxing full body treatment recommended for everyone irrespective of age and gender, once a month! Key to all Ayurveda programs, this is a 5000 years old traditional massage using warm medicated herbal oil that has deeper healing effects, influence skin tone & texture, and harmonize Mind & Body.

pada abhyanga - spa resort near delhi - Suryavilas Luxury Resort and Spa



Blend of Martial Arts & Massage


A traditional classic Ayurveda massage that is a blend of centuries old techniques of Martial Arts. In this treatment, the ‘Marma’ points – the vital points in our body where the concentration of life energy exists and which can be blocked due to various reasons – are focused and activated using a very unique method of applying appropriate pressure using hands and the therapist’s feet.




Serene tranquility at its best


‘Shiro’ is head, and ‘dhara’ is ‘gentle flow’! One of the elements of the traditional Panchkarma treatments in Ayurveda, during this session, beautifully warm medicated oil is gently poured over the centre point of your forehead, stirring up and flushing out the mental-toxins and bringing back the emotional calmness, balance, and inner strength






The Rhythm of the Bundles


Kizhi is a very effective age-old traditional Ayurvedic treatment in which warm herbs, spices or other combination of medicinal compounds such as herbal leaves, Navara rice, sand and are bundled in muslin cloth, warmed up and applied on the body in a beautiful rhythm and appropriate pressure following a full body Abhyanga Snana.

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A Peaceful, Weightless Head


Nasyam is yet another pillar of 5 core treatments in Panchakarma in Ayurveda – an detoxification therapy applying medicated herbal oils and liquid medicines through nostrils. Nostrils being the doorway to the brain, this treatment is to heal a wide range of ailments including the widely suffered chronic Headache, Migraine and Sinus related disorders, and remove toxins from all channels & cavities, neck, brain, eyes, nose, ear and throat region – giving you a total relief!

spa resort near chandigarh - Suryavilas Luxury Resort and Spa



Therapy the Aristocrats Loved


A traditional Ayurveda therapy, the treatment begins with a full body abhyanga, and continuous flow of medicated warm oil over the body while simultaneously doing a rhythmic ‘squeezing’ massage combining the beautiful qualities of both the oils and the heat on the body. Three to four litres of pleasantly warm medicated oil customized for your personal need or medical condition, is continuously poured in a rhythmic manner offering unparalleled relaxation and pain relief.

udhvarthanam - spa resort near delhi - Suryavilas Luxury Resort and Spa



A Pleasant Friction


Udhvartana is massage with powders composed of minerals, herbs and medicinal species based on your personal needs and the conditions. The pressured massage strokes in the direction opposite to the growth of the hair follicles causes the kind of friction and mild dermis-abrasive effect that stimulates the metabolic process, remove impurities.

wellness spa in solan at Suryavilas Luxury Resort and Spa



The Nemesis of Back Pain


A pool of medicated herbarized oil or medicated heated water is methodically maintained on the lower back area for the purpose of reducing inflammation and pain caused by Lumbar Spondylosis, Sciatica, Osteoporosis or other medical conditions. The process soothes the muscular tissue, relieves pain and lubricates the disc and nerves, therefore serving as a solution for chronic back problems.

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