Therapy the Aristocrats Loved
A traditional Ayurveda therapy, the treatment begins with a full body abhyanga, and continuous flow of medicated warm oil over the body while simultaneously doing a rhythmic ‘squeezing’ massage combining the beautiful qualities of both the oils and the heat on the body. Three to four litres of pleasantly warm medicated oil customized for your personal need or medical condition, is continuously poured in a rhythmic manner offering unparalleled relaxation and pain relief.

Known as the king of the Ayurveda Therapies, a customized series of this treatment is proven as extremely effective for several neurological & degenerative disorders, provides great results in rehabilitation therapies in addition to relieving chronic joints & body pain and relaxing muscles. For the beauty-conscious, the men & women of the old Aristocratic families resorted to this treatment to maintain the regally imperial tone, texture & complexion of skin.

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