The Rhythm of the Bundles
Kizhi is a very effective age-old traditional Ayurvedic treatment in which warm herbs, spices or other combination of medicinal compounds such as herbal leaves, Navara rice, sand and are bundled in muslin cloth, warmed up and applied on the body in a beautiful rhythm and appropriate pressure following a full body Abhyanga Snana.

When the day-to-day life becomes a constant battle against the discomforts of excess body weight, or when one becomes resigned to the chronic pains & sufferings from diseases such as Osteoarthritis, spondylosis / spondylitis, joint pains, hip and lower back pain etc., a personally customized combination of treatment with focus on Kizhi becomes a solution that is second to none. The warm consistent heat generated by the application of kizhi in a rhythmic manner over the aching parts almost instantly liberates you from the associated pain.

Adieus to all the body-pain!


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