Serene tranquility at its best
‘Shiro’ is head, and ‘dhara’ is ‘gentle flow’! One of the elements of the traditional Panchkarma treatments in Ayurveda, during this session, beautifully warm medicated oil is gently poured over the centre point of your forehead, stirring up and flushing out the mental-toxins and bringing back the emotional calmness, balance, and inner strength

Where there is no time for anything else, Shirodhara is a quick dip into healing everyone happily choose with so much to gain and not much to lose! Shirodhara is a solution for a wide range of imbalances especially rooted in mind. This has been extremely successful for those experiencing disturbed sleep pattern & disorders, anxiety, depression, mood-variations, relationship challenges, emotional trauma, migraine, chronic stress, emotional repression from past life-events, and even stimulating focus and concentration of mind.

Let this be a real relaxing break!

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