The Marqui of all massages
A totally relaxing full body treatment recommended for everyone irrespective of age and gender, once a month! Key to all Ayurveda programs, this is a 5000 years old traditional massage using warm medicated herbal oil that has deeper healing effects, influence skin tone & texture, and harmonize Mind& Body.

Where the intention of my stay is to relax and have a break, that’s also the mind & body signalling the need for a ‘garage service!’ This one-hour session will help you release all the accumulated stress in and around your neck & shoulders, lower & upper back, hips and calf muscles, loosen up and release the trapped toxins in the cells, nourish and revive the body tissues and improves total blood circulations making you feel reset, refreshed and relaxed, plus resulting in beautifully peaceful sleep and balanced calmness of mind. Make the best use of your stay.

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