The Nemesis of Back Pain
A pool of medicated herbarized oil or medicated heated water is methodically maintained on the lower back area for the purpose of reducing inflammation and pain caused by Lumbar Spondylosis, Sciatica, Osteoporosis or other medical conditions. The process soothes the muscular tissue, relieves pain and lubricates the disc and nerves, therefore serving as a solution for chronic back problems.

8 in 10 out of people we meet are suffering from a chronic lower back issue, or a form of disc prolapse, severe back pain as we mildly put and are being ‘temporarily-treated-permanently’ with balms and over the counter medications. Kati’vasthi – where a pool of heated medicated oil is continuously maintained with sustained heat for over 30 minutes – a pain-relieving experience that is beyond the realm of words and one has to experience to feel its results. This is even a great solution to improve libido, urinary problems, prostate problems and menstrual issues.

There can’t be a better way!

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