Solan - The Mushroom City of India

A view of hills and green valleys

Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, Solan is a small hamlet beautified by snow-capped ridges, lush valleys and alluring forest trails. It is celebrated for its year-round clement weather, scenic views and rich flora that make the city an interesting tourist destination. Apart from its natural beauty and aesthetics, Solan is known for its abundant growth of mushrooms. Solan is the largest producer of mushrooms and is popularly called the "Mushroom City of India". And not only that, it is also quite famous for its rich production of tomatoes, thereby, giving it the moniker of “City of Red Gold”.

Best time to visit

Situated at an altitude of 1550 m above sea level, Solan has a moderate temperature throughout the year. During summer, the temperatures can go up to 36 degrees Celcius while in winters it can plummet to as low as 5 degrees Celcius. During springtime, Solan witnesses a bloom of greenery, transforming the hamlet into a captivating haven!

The best time to visit Solan is during the summers which last till July and the onset of the monsoon. Between September and November, the city blossoms with vegetation and wildflowers. It is the best time to head out for a peaceful nature walk or explore the thrilling trek routes in and around the city. It is also the ideal time when mushrooms grow and Solan gets filled with its aroma.

Raindrops on mushrooms that are growing from the ground
Mushrooms growing in a field

A Visit to the Mushroom Plantations

Mushroom farming in Solan is one of the most considerable ones in India. Several mushroom farms here allow tourists to enter and get a glimpse of the popular toadstools that grow in the comforting lap of Solan. The most prominent Solan’s mushroom farm is Vikas Mushroom Farm, which was established by Mr Vikas Benal. There are also several campsites amid mushroom plantations where tourists can opt for a stay.

Mushroom farming in Solan has come a long way, through decades of innovation and hard work. Using ingenious technologies, mushroom farmers acquire training from the mushroom training centre so they can enrich their farming methods. There are more than 806 mushroom farms across Solan.

The City of Red Gold

If you think mushroom is the only food that makes Solan famous, you will be baffled to know that the city is also one of the largest producers of tomatoes! Hence, it is also known as the “City of Red Gold”. What started with a 1200-hectare area in 1992, has now more than 2,500 hectares of tomato plantations across the city. There is a famous saying - "For Himachal farmers, tomatoes are the apple of their eyes". In a way, it is true. The production of the crimson plant supports the livelihood of several poor farmers in Solan.

Fresh tomatoes hanging from a tree

On your visit to this wondrous city, make sure to rest peacefully as you explore and devour the freshly plucked mushrooms and tomatoes in your dishes!

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