Breathtaking Snowfall in Solan

A well-liked town in Northern India is Solan, which is well-known for its agricultural output of crops including mushrooms and tomatoes. At a typical elevation of 1,600 meters above sea level, the "Mushroom City of India" can be found. It draws a lot of tourists because it is the biggest city in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The main draw of Solan is its incredible snowfall, which is welcomed with open arms by tourists from all over the world.

Snow in Solan

With its pine trees and snow-covered mountains, snow in Solan appears to have been wonderfully lifted out of a fairytale during the winters. Even while Solan is accessible throughout the year, both in the summer and the winter. Snow enthusiasts are the only people who truly appreciate the winter months.

flowing river amid mountains and forest
Snow filled pathway and snow covered trees in Solan

Winter in Solan

In Solan, the winter season begins in October and lasts through March. Even though fog makes it difficult to see, the season in Solan has a special charm. It's rather chilly right now, with temperatures often ranging from 0 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Why Choose Solan?

In contrast to Shimla, Solan is a lovely, charming town that many of us frequently pass by as we travel to well-known places like Shimla, but it is undoubtedly unexplored by many of us. In a popular tourist location like Shimla, it's unusual to find pure bliss and serenity, yet that's what you'll be able to experience first in Solan. This tranquil mushroom city of India is the best place to experience snowfall near Chandigarh and Ambala.

View of mountains with clouds passing by
Suryavilas Luxury Resort and Spa - One of the best resorts in Solan

Exotic Stay

Your stay at Suryavilas in Solan will provide the ideal atmosphere for rest and renewal as well as plenty of beautiful scenery. For those who enjoy spending time in the presence of beautiful nature, Solan is the ideal natural hideaway. As the gentle breezes rustle through the pine trees, creating an idyllic sojourn, enjoy a tranquil stay at one of the top resorts in Solan. 

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