Sunrise and Sunset of Kasauli

Sunrise and Sunset of Kasauli - Sunrise Point in Kasauli

Amidst the exotic rugged terrains of Himachal Pradesh lies a stunning cantonment town - Kasauli. It is famous for its apple orchards, colonial-era houses and Kasauli Brewery, which is believed to be the oldest functioning distillery for scotch whiskey in the Asian subcontinent. Kasauli is also home to the famous green-roofed Christ Church, which dates back to the mid-19th century. As a tourist destination, Kasauli has gained popularity because of its breathtakingly stunning scenic and panoramic views.

Apart from the serene natural beauty, Kasauli is famous for its stunning sunrise and sunset views as well. The hill station is home to the popular Sunrise Point and Sunset Point, which offer breathtaking panoramas of the sunrise and sunset.

Sunrise in Kasauli

Witness the sky sport vivid shades of red, orange and pink as the sun starts to rise! The Sunrise Point in Kasauli is the perfect place to observe a magical sunrise. It offers a delightful view of the rising sun, over the landscape of Chandigarh city and lush greenery. This vantage point is situated on Lower Mall Road. According to the locals, the Sunrise Point was earlier known as Hawa Ghar as it experiences a pleasant, soothing and cool breeze throughout the year. It is also a haven for photographers and offers numerous heavenly spots for natural photography.

Sunrise Point in Kasauli - Sunrise in Kasauli
Sunset Point in Kasauli - Sunset in Kasauli

Sunset in Kasauli

Observe a picturesque sunset as the horizon changes colours across vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow at the famous Sunset Point in Kasauli. Situated very close to the Sunrise Point, it is one of the oldest and most important places, since the establishment of Kasauli in 1842. The Sunset Point offers mesmerising views of the setting sun, alongside a pine-laden landscape and lush valleys. Additionally, this point also offers a panoramic view of the neighbouring cities, including Chandigarh, Pinjore, Panchkula, Baddi and Kalka. There is a quiet trail or path known as Lover’s Lane near Sunet Point. This lane offers a serene walk through the valleys of Kasauli and makes for a unique experience.

Monkey Point

Apart from Sunrise Point and Sunset Point, Monkey Point is another famous spot that offers beautiful sunrise and sunset views. It gets its name from the mythological story about Lord Hanuman, who stopped by and set his foot in the region. Monkey Point attracts a lot of devotees and visitors every year. It offers a spectacular view of the entire valley, snow-capped mountains and Sutlej River.

Monkey Point - Sunrise and Sunset Point in Kasauli

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