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A Meditation Retreat in the Himalayas

Meditation is known to enhance the quality of life as it relieves stress and helps us rejuvenate. It can help you achieve calmness that is beneficial not only for your emotional and mental well-being but also for your overall health.

At Suryavilas Luxury Resort & Spa, you can choose from various meditation therapies to help you relax and unwind amid the astounding mountains of the Himalayas. Some of the options that you get at our meditation retreat in India are stillness meditation, love-kindness meditation, chakras meditation and walking meditation among others.

a girl meditating
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Suryavilas offers a range of therapeutic treatments, which makes it the best yoga and meditation centre in India. Meditation and yoga improve living standards as it helps boost attention span, better sleep and also enhance self-awareness.

Being located in the lap of nature and amid the calming Himalayan breezes, Suryavilas promises a serene environment that helps with concentration for meditation.

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