Wellness Offerings

| Samadosa samagni ca sama dhatu malakriyah
Prasanna atma indriya manah svastha iti abhidhivate |

Suryavilas, a spa resort in Solan offers a flexible blend of integrated Ayurvedam & Functional Wellness Programs.

The 5000 years old rich wisdom of Ayurveda in its reliable, authentic form are perfectly curated for preventive or therapeutic treatments from as ordinary as routine monthly skincare during a 3 Nights Weekend Stay, to remedial pain management of joints or Back Pain utilizing our speciality treatment packages.

Guests can also experience India’s largest bioregulatory, integrative and functional medicines for Gut Health, Illness Reversals, Stress & Anxiety Disorders etc at Suryavilas from a wide range of technology backed state-of-art wellness programs headed by an in-house panel of professional doctors, nutritions, naturopaths and specialists, all seamlessly integrating with the joy and comfort of your holidaying at Suryavilas.

Mind & Body Wellness Solutions

Weekend Getaway Programs

These are singular or combinations of 2-3 days programs that can be taken during the weekends by busy professionals with fewer free days to spare. These programs are meant to provide a quick relaxation, short-term remedy for minor to moderate health issues in addition to experiencing a beautiful break from work and other stress triggers:
  • Facial tone & texture enhancement
  • Full-body skin rejuvenation & muscles relaxation
  • Preventive stress & anxiety relief program
  • Biofeedback: state-of-art chakras & energy balancing

Return to Health: Short Intervention Modules

These programs are addressing specific physical ailments that require proper medical intervention, all in the backdrop of luxury hospitality in a totally stress-free environment:
  • Gut health & toxicity treatments
  • Pain management & bone and joint care program (spondylosis, spondylitis, lower back, knee & joints)
  • Weight loss / weight gain programs
  • Momtastic – a special post-natal mothercare program
  • Bridal pride – a pre-wedding bridal preparation package

Rest & Rejuvenation Programs

These programs are for those who want to indulge in a one-off luxury Wellness Experience and make their Suryavilas stay a truly memorable one.
  • Reflexology, Full Body & Facial Package for deep relaxation
  • Western Deep Tissue Massage to untie the knots
  • Celebrations Packages: A choice of Couple’s special packages tailored for their special occasions.